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The Effective And Characteristic Therapy For Proteinuria In Purpura Nephritis

2017-02-11 02:15

The Latest And Characteristic Therapy For Proteinuria In Purpura NephritisIf you want to eliminate proteinuria and cure Purpura Nephritis completely, you should start from the root cause of the disease. That is, you should repair injured kidney functional cells and restore internal environment in kidney. Well, which therapy can achieve such purpose?

Daily nursing care

Purpura Nephritis patients should have a good rest which contributes to skin purpura fading and reducing its repeats. Also keep warm and prevent cold. Eliminate possible sensitinogen and prevent insect bites. Keep your skin clean and cut nails regularly.

The cause of Purpura Nephritis relapse

Steroid therapy only control symptoms in a short time and can alleviate protein in urine and occult blood temporarily. However, it does not repair kidney intrinsic cells. If you only drop index to treat Purpura Nephritis, while do not restore renal pathological damage, medical conditions only get controlled temporarily but it is easy to relapse. That is, it only cures the symptoms, not the disease. At the same time, the key point is to block renal pathological damage, restore injured kidney intrinsic cells. In this way, index will decrease naturally and conditions will be under control. More importantly, it is less likely to relapse.

The Effective and characteristic therapy for purpura nephritis

Purpura nephritis is a kidney disease in which repeated anaphylactoid purpura leads to kidney damage. The onset mechanism of purpura nephritis is due to its own defect of immune regulating mechanism. In this condition, immune complexes will deposit in glomerular mesangial area, leading to mesangial cell proliferation, increased matrix, glomeruli in a high pressure condition and kidney in a anoxia and hypoxia state. Thus, glomerular membrane basement will be damaged and protein or occult blood will leak into urine, forming proteinuria or hematuria. The latest and characteristic therapy for proteinuria in purpura nephritis is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can eliminate immune complex and repair impaired kidney lesions. This is the good  solution for proteinuria and Purpura Nephritis.

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Our Treatment Effect

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture This patient suffers from Purpura Nephritis

This patient suffers from Purpura Nephritis and has many red spots in his legs before our treatment. After our Chinese medicine treatments, he got great improvement. His red spots disappeared. See the effect from the above pictures.

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