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Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease Naturally

2013-01-22 14:48

Polycystic kidney disease is one common renal cystic disease which is characterized by clusters of fluid-filled sacs in the kidneys. These numerous and various-sized renal cysts will alter renal structure and affect renal functions and in the end progress into end stage renal disease.

The early the treatment is, the better the curative effect is and the fewer sufferings patients will have to bear. Surgery is an instant relief for removing large cyst, but it is not suitable for PKD because there are countless cysts and surgery is another trauma to the kidneys.

As another treatment option for PKD patients, Micro-Chinese Medicine is more natural and conservative. Though it can not remove the cysts completely, it has overall shrinking effects on all the cysts, regardless of their size and location. When the cysts are shrunk to ideally small size, the clinical symptoms will be much alleviated, patients’ normal life will not be affected and their life expectancy will not be threatened by the disease.

Micro-Chinese medicine has the following curative effects for PKD.

Shrinking the cysts

Micro-Chinese medicine can shrink the cysts from 2 aspects of mechanisms. On one hand, it can increase the permeability of the cyst and improve blood circulation so as to promote the re-absorption of cyst fluid back to surrounding blood vessels and the fluid then will be discharged with blood circulation. This can help shrink the cyst size. On the other hand, Micro-Chinese medicine can inactivate epithelial cells on the cyst wall so as to block further secretion of cyst fluid so as to prevent continuous enlargement and increase of renal cysts. This helps shrink the size and reduce number of cysts.

Symptoms alleviation

The fundamental cause of clinical symptoms of PKD is these renal cysts in the kidneys, therefore patients’ symptoms and discomforts such as high blood pressure, back pain, edema, protein in urine, blood in urine will be much alleviated when these cysts are much shrunk.

Enhancing immunity

Another function of Micro-Chinese medicine is immune regulation and enhancement. It can regulate internal disorders and provide necessary nutritions to the body so as to improve kidney functions and enhance immunity.

For more detailed explanation of Micro-Chinese medicine or if you have any other questions regarding polycystic kidney disease, welcome to consult our online doctors. You can also leave us a message or send email to kidneycares@hotmail.com , we will give you a quick reply. Best wishes!

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