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How Do PKD Patients Avoid Loose Motion

2016-09-28 07:32

Treatment for Loose Motion In PKD Loose motion is a common complication from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). With severe loose motion, it can also be life-threatening. Well then, how to help PKD patients avoid from loose motion?

What causes loose motion in PKD patients?

With PKD, kidney function will be affected. Decreased kidney function fail to discharge wastes and toxins out such as creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and uric acid. These wastes are carried into other parts of the body through blood, causing inflammation or obstruction of some organs. When the gastrointestinal tract is affected, virus and bacteria will easy attack it and cause many symptoms. Loose motion, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting can all occur.

How to avoid loose motion in PKD?

1. Dietary therapy for loose motion

Water balance of the body is important for loose motion. You should increase water intake, clear fluids like fresh lime juice, coconut water, non-caffeinated juices, soda, oral rehydration solution to avoid dehydration.

Besides, PKD patients need to follow a low sodium, low but high quality protein, low phosphorus and low potassium diet. Before eating anything, they should consult their doctor.

2. Medical treatment for loose motion

The radical treatment for loose motion in PKD is to improve renal function. As for PKD treatment, here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy aims to shrink kidney cysts and improve renal function gradually. It is an external application based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With the help of osmosis device, the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can come into kidney lesion directly. They can help restrain renal tubular epithelial cells from secreting fluid. In this way, it can stop kidney cysts growing. At the same time, Chinese medicines can also improve blood circulation so tat cystic fluid will be reabsorbed into blood vessels and discharged by kidneys as urine. Thus, kidney cysts will become smaller and smaller. With kidney shrinkage, kidney function can be improved gradually. And then its related symptoms will disappear naturally.

Here we recommend diet and Chinese medicine treatment for loose motion in PKD patients. If you have any question, you can leave a message below or send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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