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Causes and Ways For PKD Patients With Swelling In Legs and Feet

2015-06-24 07:47

Causes and Ways For PKD Patients With Swelling In Legs and FeetSwelling in legs or feet is very common in polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patients. And patients all have been trying to find the causes and ways to help it.

First, what is the cause of swelling in PKD patients?

Keeping fluid balance is a task of healthy kidneys. However, in PKD patients, the enlarged and numerous kidney cysts will replace more and more healthy kidney nephrons, resulting in kidney function decline. In this condition, fluid will build up in the body, causing fluid-retention. Due to gravity, swelling may firstly occur in feet and then your upper areas. Besides, swelling is divided into three types: namely slight edema, mild edema and severe edema. If swelling occurs in eyelids or ankles, it is slight edema. If swelling spreads to lower limbs, it is mild edema. Mild swelling is hydrothorax and ascite, and pulmonary edema. Patients with mild or severe edema should rest in bed.

Second, how to help PKD patients with swelling?

1. Follow a low salt diet

Too much salt intake will worsen water-sodium retention. Light diet should be followed and foods with high sodium level should be avoided such as canned soup, bacon, processed food and pickles, etc.

2. Diuretics

Diuretics are often used to alleviate swelling in the body by way of increasing urine output. However, it only takes an effect in a short time and it cannot eliminate swelling from the root.

3. Chinese Medicine Therapies

What we should do is to shrink kidney cysts and improve renal function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is such a treatment which can help you achieve the goal. The active ingredients can come to kidney lesion directly to help increase the permeability of cystic wall and block the fluid supply of cysts. With high permeability of sac walls, more sac fluid will be expelled from the body through blood circulation but do not have any supply. Thus, kidney cysts will be shrunk and gradually kidney function will be improved.

At the same time, adjuvant therapies like Medicated Full Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Acupoint Application and enema therapy, etc may also be used to improve kidney condition.

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