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Do Painkiller Help Alleviate Pain In PKD

2014-10-30 07:55

Do Painkiller Help Alleviate Pain In PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is an inherited kidney disease in which cysts will grow as time going on. When they grow to a certain degree, it will cause back or abdominal pain if left untreated. To alleviate the pain caused by enlarged cysts, western doctors usually prescribe some painkillers. Is it right?

Painkiller can ease pain quickly and effectively, but the root problem cannot be solved. In addition, long time use of painkiller will do further damage on kidney so it is not recommended for PKD patients to take painkillers. To alleviate pain, we need to shrink the cysts and stop their growth.

As for the process of PKD, it roots in autosomal dominant inheritance. The autosomal dominant inheritance will change renal tubular epithelial cells to cystic wall skin cells. These cystic cells will secrete cystic fluid, which speeds up the growth of cysts. When the cysts grow big, they will occupy the room in kidneys gradually, once these cysts are big enough, they will oppress kidneys and make the kidneys ischemia and anoxia. In this condition, kidney structure will be damaged and glomerular’s barrier function, renal tubule’s concentrating, reabsorption and regulation function will all be damaged. If such conditions in kidneys cannot be stopped timely, kidney failure will happen in a short time.

We know the proliferation of epithelial cells cause cysts and it constantly secrete cystic fluid, so cyst will enlarge and press other parts of kidney, finally kidneys fail to work. Western medicines only focus on relieving symptoms, but has on effect on shrinking cysts and improving renal function.

We use special Chinese medicine to repair damaged epithelial cell and kill the cyst wall skin cells, which will inhibit the secretion of cystic fluid and make cyst stop growing. In addition, the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can improve blood circulation of the surface of the cyst, increase the excretion of cystic fluid and make the cyst shrunk. Once kidney cysts are shrunk to small size, back or abdominal pain will also be alleviated effectively.

In a word, painkiller is not the safe way for PKD patients with pain. Chinese medicine is the best therapy for alleviating pain caused by enlarged kidney cysts.

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