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What Can Stop PKD Progression so as not to Have A Transplant

2014-09-23 08:59

What Can Stop PKD Progression so as not to Have A TransplantPKD is an inherited kidney disease characterized by fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. So far the treatment is only to control symptoms such as high blood pressure and hematuria. But they can not stop the growth of cysts. The growing cysts will impair kidney function. And they may even oppress the organs around so as to affect their normal function. When the kidneys grow to certain size, you may have to remove the kidneys to live on dialysis or transplant. What can stop PKD progression so as not to have a transplant?

Why cysts keep growing?

To stop PKD progression, you should stop the growth of cysts. The cystic wall are formed due to the proliferation and metamorphosis of renal tubule epithelial cells. Some cyst liquid is from original urine, while the remaining part results from the secretion of lining cells. That is why cysts get bigger and bigger.

How to shrink the cysts?

After years of research, we find that many herbs can help you shrink the cysts. They can restrain the proliferation of renal tubule epithelial cells so as to stop lining cells secreting. they can also improve the permeability of the cysts and speed up blood microcirculation on cysts wall so that the cyst fluid can be reabsorbed and discharged out with blood circulation. In this way, cysts will become smaller and smaller, relieving the compression to the tissues around.

In order to achieve a better therapeutic effect, we develop Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. After being micronized, the active ingredients of Chinese herbs can be penetrated into the kidneys directly with the help osmosis devices. When you receive treatment, you just lie on the herbs, which is very convenient and comfortable. According to your medical condition, we will adjust the herbs in it so that it can not only help you shrink cysts but also repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. At the end, you can avoid transplant.

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