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Creatinine 1.7 and GFR 36 with Polycystic Kidney Disease: How to Improve It

2014-08-10 09:02

Creatinine 1.7 and GFR 36 with Polycystic Kidney Disease: How to Improve ItPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a kidney disease characterized by fluid-filled cysts. These cysts are very small at the very beginning, but with time going, they will enlarge and lead to renal insufficiency. Creatinine 1.7 and GFR 36 show that your kidney cysts have destructed your kidneys and affect your kidney function. How to improve it? If you want to improve this state of illness, you should shrink the cysts and repair the damaged kidneys.

How to shrink the cysts?

The reason why cysts keep growing is that the renal tubule epithelial cells proliferate abnormally and the lining cells secrete cyst fluid. Duo Nang Xiao and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can restrain the proliferation of renal tubule epithelial cells and the secretion of lining cells. Besides, it can speed up the blood circulation and increase the permeability of cyst wall so that cyst fluid can flow out of the sacs and be discharged out with blood circulation. Then cysts become small.

How to repair the damaged kidneys?

When GFR is only 36, many waste and toxins build up in the blood. Medicated Bath, Full Bath and Enema Therapy are often used to purify the blood and improve blood circulation. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate blood vessels, inhibit kidney inflammation, block blood clotting, and degrade extracellular matrix so as to help kidney self-healing. Stem Cell Therapy can also be used to rebuild the kidneys and take the place of the dead cells to work.

With the above treatment, the kidney cysts can be controlled and damaged kidneys can be repaired. Then creatinine level comes down and GFR increases.

Creatinine 1.7 and GFR 36 indicates that you are going to stage 4. If you do not seek treatment as early as possible, you may have to do dialysis or kidney transplant.

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