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Chinese Medicines Treatment for Parapelvic Cyst

2014-03-27 17:04

Chinese Medicines Treatment for Parapelvic CystPatients with parapelvic cyst want to seek some effective treatment, and ask us for help. Here we will introduce Chinese medicines treatment for parapelvic cyst.

What does parapelvic cyst mean?

Parapelvic cyst describes cyst grows in kidney sinus or kidney pelvis. And many symptoms can be caused by parapelvic cyst, such as high blood pressure, back pain, sleeping problems, nausea, vomiting, urinary tract Infection, kidney stones, blood urine and proteinuria.

In addition, patients with PKD are very prone to parapelvic cyst.

Now let’s see how Chinese medicines treat parapelvic cyst.

Chinese medicines have very good effects on patients with parapelvic cyst. Parapelvic cyst can be shrunk by Chinese medicines by enhancing permeability of walls of cyst cells and stimulating lining cells absorb cyst fluids.

Chinese medicines have the below properties:

1. Prevention of inflammation in kidney.

2. Inhibition of blood clotting.

3. Extension of blood vessels.

4. Promotion of blood circulation

5. Restoration of kidney damage.

In this way, Chinese medicines can repair kidney damage and recover kidney function.

Apart from Chinese medicines, patients with parapelvic cyst should use some steroids to alleviate symptoms or complications of parapelvic cyst, for example, controlling high blood pressure and alleviate proteinuria.

Taking regular exercise and a healthy diet are also beneficial for patients with parapelvic cyst. They should have a low protein diet, limit intake of salt and phosphorus. However, they can have more intake of high quality protein because high quality protein can supply essential amino acid and produce few wastes. In addition, much intake of vitamins can do good to them. They can eat more vegetables and fruits in daily life.

The above is treatment for parapelvic cyst, and patients with parapelvic cyst are highly recommended to get treated with Chinese medicines. If you have any question, contact us freely and it is a pleasure for us to answer your questions.

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