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How to Slow Down the Progression of PKD Developing Renal Failure

2014-03-22 16:37

How to Slow Down the Progression of PKD Developing Renal FailurePKD is a kind of genetic disorders which presents that cyst grows and increases in kidney, leading to kidney damage and decline of kidney function. If not controlled effectively, PKD can progress into kidney failure. Kidney failure has five stages, and end stage kidney failure also called stage 5 kidney failure is the most severe stage in kidney failure. At end stage kidney failure, large quantities of wastes and toxins deposit in body, and many serious complication occur very obviously, like heart disease and cardiovascular problems, which are the most life threatening for patients with kidney failure. Thus, patients with PKD need to get effective treatment to avoid kidney failure, especially end stage kidney failure.

Then how to slow down progression of PKD into kidney failure?

From the above, we can know that kidney cyst is the fundamental cause of kidney damage for patients with PKD. So patients with PKD should focus on treatment of shrinking kidney cyst.

Hot compress therapy has good effects on shrinking kidney cyst. With osmosis device, Chinese medicines compressed on kidney area can get into kidney inside very effectively. These Chinese medicines can help enhance permeability of walls of cyst cell, making cyst fluids easier to flow out. Thus, kidney cyst can be shrunk. Moreover, Chinese medicines can stimulate lining cells to absorb more cyst fluids, causing shrinkage of cyst. And condition of blood and oxygen in kidney can be improved by expanding blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. As a consequent, kidney can get more blood and oxygen to repair itself. In this way, kidney function can be improved, too.

What is more, Chinese medicines have no side effects on patients with PKD. After treated with hot compress therapy for a long time, patients with PKD can make kidney cyst shrunk and kidney function recovered. Thus, kidney failure is prevented from happening. Hot compress therapy has been used to treat PKD for years, and has achieved great success for patients with PKD.

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