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How To Get Rid Of Dialysis When You Have PKD

2014-02-27 16:43

How To Get Rid Of Dialysis When You Have PKDPolycystic kidney disease(PKD) is a genetic disease, so at present there is no cure for it fundamentally. Surgery can only alleviate symptoms, and ideal treatment can stop the deterioration of PKD and even stop or delay the progression into kidney failure.

1. The surgery is called renal cyst decortication. When there are cysts, the pressure surrounding kidneys will become larger. To ease pressure, surgery is applied to cut cyst membrane to filter cystic fluid. In this way, it can lighten kidneys. In end stage of polycystic kidney disease, dialysis or kidney transplant is often offered to maintain a person life or prolong his life span. However, no matter dialysis or kidney transplant both carry some side effects, especially kidney transplant. It need a perfect donor and kidney transplant must take reaction medicines for their rest of time. On a whole, surgery can only alleviate your suffering temporarily instead of preventing the relapse of kidney cysts.

2. On the contrary, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy have the best treatment result. Different from western treatment, Chinese medicine therapy is able to regulate the balance of metabolism. And the active ingredients in Chinese herbs have the function of discharging cystic fluid so as to shrink the kidney cysts gradually. Besides, Chinese medicine therapy has little or no side effects. But Chinese medicine therapy works slowly. You should have a patient.

3. Apart from medical treatment, diet management is also vital for PKD patients to avoid dialysis.

PKD patients should not eat spicy and high sodium foods and alcohol. Animal organs, high fat foods should be avoided. Patients should also avoid beans. The diet principle is low phosphorus and low potassium as well as high calorie intake.

4. Also PKD patients should also pay more attention to daily habits. For example, if they feel urgent to urinate, do not wait. Strenuous exercise is not allowed, otherwise, your action may make pressure on your waist to get cyst rupture.

Polycystic kidney disease is a family history disease, and it needs early diagnosis and early protection. If diagnosed with PKD, you should control illness condition, postpone the time for dialysis and prolong life span through Chinese medicine therapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a combination of western and Chinese medicine treatment which can avoid deterioration of illness conditions and get rid of dialysis.

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