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What Herbs Can Shrink Kidney Cysts in PKD

2014-02-03 17:10

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is featured with numerous cysts on kidneys. The enlarged kidney cysts are the major culprit of renal function deterioration. What herbs can shrink kidney cysts in PKD?

Kidney cysts in PKD

Kidney cysts are fluid-filled pockets. The wall of the kidney cysts is covered with numerous lining cells. Generally, the lining cells are very active and can secrete fluid persistently. Hence, the cysts will enlarge without stopping.

In PKD, as the kidney cysts become big, they will cause pressure against the surrounding kidney tissues. As the disease progresses, more and more kidney tissues will be replaced with cysts. Eventually, Kidney Failure will result. To prevent renal function decline, shrinking large kidney cysts and stopping the small ones from enlarging are the key treatment goals of PKD.

What herbs can shrink kidney cysts in PKD?

Based on a person’s specific condition, different kinds of herbs will be prescribed to treat kidney cysts in PKD. Meanwhile, the formula of herbs also varies from individual to individual. If the herbs are used improperly, a lot of adverse effects will result. So a person with PKD should never take herbs without consulting with a Chinese medicine practitioner.

To shrink kidney cysts in PKD and avoid the possible side effects, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy will be the recommended therapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an external therapy of Chinese herbal medicines. In this treatment, different types of herbs are applied. On one hand, the effective medicines can inactivate the lining cells on cyst wall and stop them from producing cystic fluid. On the other hand, by improving the permeability of cyst wall, the medicines can promote the removal of cystic fluid from the cysts.

After the above treatment, the kidney cysts in PKD will stop enlarging. Also, the enlarged ones will shrink after the cystic fluid is removed from the cysts.

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