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Treatment for PKD with Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2014-01-10 15:34

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic and progressive kidney disorder.The numerous cysts are the culprit of renal function decline in PKD.Eventually,kidney failure can occur.This article will recommend a treatment for PKD with stage 3 kidney failure.

PKD with stage 3 Kidney Failure

PKD is featured with numerous cysts on kidneys.With age,the cysts will increase in both size and number.As the condition progresses,the nephrons will be replaced by more and more large cysts, thus leading to progressive renal function decline.

A person with stage 3 kidney failure in PKD has moderated kidney damage.Meanwhile,the symptoms of early kidney damage begin to appear. In general cases, the kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease can be reversed if aggressive treatment is applied. If left untreated, ESRD will the eventual result .

Treatment for PKD with stage 3 kidney failure

In traditional western medicine,there is no an effective treatment for PKD.Except medicines to control symptoms,the doctors can not treat the patients until their kidneys fail. As many doctors and patients feel disappointed about the traditional western medicine, they start to search for a treatment for PKD in Chinese medicine.

Clinical practice has proved that Chinese medicine is a better treatment option for traditional western medicine.Chinese medicine not only can stop PKD progression,but also can improve renal function remarkably.

To get rid of the defects and disadvantages of traditional oral Chinese medicine,the external application of Chinese medicine is used in treating PKD known as hot compress therapy.The effective medicines can shrink the large cysts by increasing the excretion of cystic fluid.In addition,the active medicine ingredients can inactivate the lining cells on cyst wall and stop them from producing cystic fluid, thus stopping the cysts from enlarging. What’s more, hot compress therapy can reverse kidney damage by restoring the impaired nephrons.Thereby, the renal function will be improved remarkably in stage 3 kidney failure.

While hot compress therapy can not cure PKD with stage 3 kidney failure, it can reverse kidney damage. So it is considered to be a perfect treatment option for the patients.

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