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Treatment for PKD with Renal Function 16%

2013-11-11 11:17

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder with numerous cysts on kidneys.The large renal cysts are the culprit of renal function decline in PKD. What is the treatment for PKD with renal function 16%?

PKD with renal function 16%

Kidneys are composed of millions of nephrons with even tinier holes.When blood flows through kidneys,small molecular substances can squeeze the holes and end up in urine.The useful substances are too big to pass through the holes.

In PKD,the cysts keep increasing in both size and number.As the condition progresses,large cysts will replace more and more healthy nephrons.Thereby,the renal function will keep deteriorating progressively.

PKD patients with renal function 16% are in the advanced period of stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) with glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 15~29ml/min.As kidneys are impaired significantly,high levels of waste products build up in body, resulting in a host of discomforts and complications like nausea and vomiting,fatigue,swelling etc.If renal function keeps deteriorating further,Dialysis and kidney transplant will come soon.

Treatment for PKD with renal function 16%

The treatment goals of PKD with renal function 16% should include stopping the cysts from enlarging,shrinking large cysts and improving renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for PKD and it has showed remarkable treatment effect in clinic.Based on patients’ specific illness condition, different types of herbs are applied in the therapy.

Firstly,the effective Chinese medicines can stop the transformation of renal tubular epithelial cells into lining cells on cyst wall.Therefore,the cysts will stop increase in both size and number.

Secondly,micro-Chinese medicines can improve the permeability of cyst wall to increase the excretion of cystic fluid from cyst wall.In this way,the enlarged cysts will be shrunk.The pressure against the cyst wall declines and also it can make more room for repairing the impaired kidney structure.

When the kidney damage can repaired,the current renal function 16% in PKD will be improved remarkably. No replacement treatment will be required.

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