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How to Alleviate Pain And Shrink Cysts in PKD

2013-10-30 10:43

How to Alleviate Pain And Shrink Cysts in PKDA typical sign of PKD is numerous cysts on kidneys. As the cysts enlarge, it will cause a host of symptoms and discomforts, in which pain is very common like abdominal pain, back pain etc. How to alleviate pain and shrink cysts in PKD?

Firstly,it is essential to learn the causes of pain in PKD.Pain in PKD is mainly attribute to the following conditions.

Enlarged cyst

Enlarged cyst is the major culprit of pain in PKD. The inner side of cyst wall is covered with numerous lining cells. As the condition progresses,the lining cells will produce cystic fluid ceaselessly,thus enlarging cysts.The enlarged cysts will cause pressure against adjacent nephrons and organs,resulting in pain.

Kidney stone

Kidney stone is a common complication of PKD.When the stone keep still,the patients may experience no symptoms.However,if the stones move in urinary tract system,it can make the patients very painful.

Cyst rupturing

In general condition,the pain is very mild.If the pain becomes extremely severe, it may indicate cyst rupturing.Along with pain, PKD patients with cyst rupturing may also experience blood in urine.

How to alleviate pain and shrink cysts in PKD?

The above are the major causes of pain in PKD.To treat pain completely and fundamentally,the patients should have a treatment to treat the cause firstly.If you have no idea about the cause of pain in your case,you can chat with our online doctor for an answer now!

As enlarged cyst is the major culprit of pain in PKD,how to shrink cysts is an important part of treatment for PKD with large cysts.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is recommended to PKD patients. It is an externally applied therapy.It is safe and has been proved to be effective after many years’ clinical practices. The effective medicines can shrink large cysts in a mild way and stop the cysts from enlarging completely.

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