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Bubbles in Urine and Proteinuria of PKD

2012-11-22 09:29

bubbles in urineUrine can reflect a person’s physical conditions and it is sometimes an indicator of certain diseases. This is because urine contains metabolic wastes and toxins from all organs, tissues and systems. Therefore it is of great diagnostic significance to have urine test and analysis.

For most people, it is normal to have bubbles in urine. Under normal circumstances, there are some organic and inorganic materials which make much tension in urine, so there will be bubbles in urine. That is to say, bubbles in urine do not definitely mean problems or diseases.

However, in case of proteinuria, usually there will be bubbles in urine. In case of bubble urine, a preliminary adjustment can be made.

1. If the bubbles are large or not uniform in size and just last for a short time, this is because of organic materials and inorganic materials in urine. This is normal and do not worry.

2. If the bubbles are large and disappear soon, more caution should be paid to make clear weather it is glycosuria.

3. If there is a layer of tiny foam and the bubbles do not disappear for a long time, it might be proteinuria which is the indicator of kidney disease and should arouse enough attention.

4. If bubble urine is accompanied by urinary urgency, urinary frequency, urinary pain or swelling, high blood pressure or there are diuresis, over-eating and frequent thirst, it is recommended to go to hospital for urine test to confirm the diagnosis and find out the underlying causes.

If it is confirmed to be true proteinuria, it might be caused by chronic kidney disease or diabetes, hypertension.

In early stage PKD, proteinuria is caused by damages of the renal tubules which can not perform the re-absorption function properly and therefore the protein leakage is small amount. With continuous enlargement of these cysts and worsening of kidney functions, the glomurulus will be damaged and there will be large amount of protein spilled in urine.

To treat proteinuria and make the bubbles in urine disappear, effective treatments should have the functions of controlling the enlargement and shrinking the cysts and repairing damaged renal tissues.

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