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Why do PKD cause back pain

2015-09-10 08:50

Why do PKD cause back painPKD is a kind of genetic disease,and there are various of fluid-filled pockets spreading in the kidneys.When the cysts is small,they may not cause damage to the kidney tissues,so the patients with mild pains.With the development of age,the cysts also get bigger and bigger,meanwhile,the patients will feel painful more serious.

The PKD patients will show symptoms of high blood pressure and back pain.All of people have two kidneys,and one of the kidney function is adjusting blood pressure.With the enlargement of the cysts,the normal kidney tissues are broken,leading to the hypoxic-ischemic which can stimulate the renin and angiotensin secretion, narrowing the blood vessels,so the PKD patients often suffer from high blood pressure.

How does PKD cause back pain?

With the secretion of cysts fluids,the burden of the kidney will get more heavier.As the gravity,the kidney will be pulled down, which will drag the renal pedicle and the nerves around the kidney,so the patients feel pains around the kidney.If the patients feel sudden pain or sharpened pain,it is beacuse of cyst rupture,infection and urinary tract obstruction.As the cysts enlarge quickly,after the vigorous activities, they will become easy to get rupture.Kidney stones can cause infection and urinary obstruction,at last,blood clots can make the PKD back pain.

How to alleviate back pain in PKD?

In order to reduce the patients’ pains,the patients should have a good rest,appropriate exercise, and avoid excessive fatigue.Removing the roots,like,urinary tract obstruction,bleeding, infectiom.etc.Having a surgical removal of the cysts operation is necessary,if the back pain can not be relieved.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a effective treatment for PKD.The active substances in medicine can promote the blood circulation on cyst walls to increase the permeability of cysts walls,so the cysts fluids can flow back into blood and are metabolized with the blood circulation.In addition, the medicine also has the function of inactivate the epithelial cells on cysts walls to inhibit the cysts fluids secretion,blocking the ways of cysts growth.

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