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How Does PKD Affect The Body System

2015-06-15 02:02

How Does PKD Affect The Body SystemHow does Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) affect the system? As the pace of the times becomes faster and faster, many kidney diseases come one after another. PKD is a common hereditary disease and nowadays there is no effective method. Therefore, PKD is extremely horrible. Many patients and family members want to know how PKD affect the body system. Aiming at this problem, experts also make the corresponding answer and hope it is helpful for you.

1. Back pain

Back or abdominal pain is obvious symptom of PKD. Back or stomach pain will bring a lot of inconvenience to patients’ life and work. Although kidney cysts present sclerosis, it still causes hydronephrosis. Therefore, if your body is swelling, you should take test for your kidneys.

2. Renal carbuncle

Renal carbuncle occurs on those who have fever and family history of skin infection. This disease is not so common but should also not be made light. Although kidney cysts will not cause obvious symptoms, they tend to result in renal cancer. And renal cancer usually indicates late stage. Therefore, in daily life, you need to take prevention for it.

3. High blood pressure

PKD will cause part of kidney hardening and then kidney function will be affected. The more severe kidney damage is, the bigger the area of kidney cysts. High blood pressure presents associated with damaged kidney function. The more severe kidney damage is, the higher blood pressure. Therefore, hypertension brings great damage to PKD patients.

4. Kidney functional cell injury

With the enlargement of kidney cysts, kidney functional cells will be damaged. And then PKD will cause end stage renal failure-uremia.

Through the above introduction, you have some knowledge to the danger of PKD. Kidney is an important organ of our human body. When kidney lesion occurs, we all should not ignore. If you still have some doubt, welcome to consult our online doctor and we will serve for you with all sincerity.

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