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What Can We Expect for PKD Patients with GFR 54

2015-05-06 06:12

What Can We Expect for PKD Patients with GFR 54Polycystic Kidney Disease (short for PKD) is an inherited kidney disease, which impairs your kidney function gradually with the enlargement of cysts. What can we expect for PKD patients with GFR 54?

With GFR 54, your kidney function is impaired.

From the declined GFR, we can see that those cysts are destructive, which has caused kidney function impairment for you. Besides, you may have the following body malaise.

With GFR 54, you may have back pain.

Back pain is a common complaint of PKD patients, which results from the growing cysts oppressing the tissues around.

With GFR 54, you may have high blood pressure.

Almost all PKD patients have high blood pressure. When those cysts oppress the tissues around, they activate renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, leading to hypertension. High blood pressure should be reduced timely, or it may cause further damage to your kidneys or even your whole body.

With GFR 54, you may have enlarged kidneys.

Those growing cysts make your kidneys big. And the enlarged kidneys can make your belly big as well.

With GFR 54, you may have blood urine.

Half of the PKD patients have microscopic hematuria. It is usually caused by the rupture of cysts. Sometimes, you may have protein in urine, no more than 1.0 g per day.

What can we expect for PKD patients with GFR 54? The above symptoms are common to see. With good treatment, it is likely for you to eliminate those symptoms and preserve the remaining kidney function to live a normal life. Without good treatment, those cysts keep growing to cause further damage to your kidneys, leading to kidney failure eventually. In China, we have developed a series of therapies for PKD, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you are interested, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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