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What Is The Treatment Of Hematuria In PKD

2014-04-14 07:30

What Is The Treatment Of Hematuria In PKDHematuria or called blood in urine is an obvious symptom in polycystic kidney disease(PKD). To know the treatment of hematuria in PKD, we should first know what causes blood in urine?

The causes of hematuria in PKD

Patients with PKD may experience hematuria due to various factors and the following are some general factors causing blood urine.

1. Kidney cyst rupture

When the cyst grows to a certain size, it may burst easily. Even if a mild knock on the kidney location, cysts may rupture.

2. Damaged glomerulus of kidney

In healthy kidney, glomerulus can filter excess wastes and toxins from the body and keep the useful substances in the body. When kidneys are injured, glomerulus fail to work normally and some useful substances will leak into ureter via urine. Red blood cells also will leak into urine. In this case, blood in urine can be seen in PKD patients.

Stop hematuria in PKD

1. Shrink kidney cysts

As earlier mentioned, cyst enlarges to a certain size, which easily causes kidney cyst rupture. For this reason, shrinking cysts becomes imperative.

2. Repair damaged kidneys and rebuild glomerulus structure

Injured kidneys cause glomerulus function insufficiency and further lead to red blood cells leakage. In this case, hematuria presents. In this regard, injured kidneys should be repaired and deficient glomerulus needs to be rebuilded.

To shrink kidney cysts and repair impaired kidneys as well as glomerulus structure, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is well worth a try. The Chinese medicines in this therapy can come to your kidney lesion through skin. Specific herbs have the function of dilating blood vessels and accelerating blood circulation, which helps improve renal ischemia and hypoxia state of kidneys. Furthermore, it can repair damaged kidney cells and shrink kidney cysts naturally. In this way, hematuria can be eased effectively with improved kidney function.

Shrinking kidney cysts and enhancing kidney function is the key point of relieving hematuria in PKD without relapse. Any other doubts, feel free to consult us. As a doctor, I will try my efforts to help you.

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