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How Does PKD Cause Lower Back Pain

2014-03-09 10:33

,How Does PKD Cause Lower Back PainPKD has very bad effects on kidney and other parts in abdomen, and there are many symptoms with PKD such as high blood pressure, lower back pain, urinary tract infection, etc. On most occasions patients with PKD suffer from lower back pain, which makes them very uncomfortable. And they are confused that how lower back pain is caused by PKD. We will make a detailed explanation, hoping it is useful for you.

Three main causes lead to lower back pain, as following:

1. Kidney infection

As kidney cyst can grow and affect tissues in kidneys, some parts of kidney are injured and infection is caused. When kidney infection occurs, it can cause pain in the whole abdominal cavity, including lower back pain.

2. Kidney stones

Due to high uric acid, patients with PKD are prone to suffering from kidney stones. When kidney stones come through urinary tract, it may get stuck, which can cause blood in the urine and infection. Thus, if patients with PKD feel pain in the lower back and have blood in the urine, especially when they urinate, kidney stones are very closely related to this case. Kidney stones make patients with PKD hard to urinate, which does much harm to them.

3. Kidney cyst

As there is cyst which can grow and increase in kidneys, kidney cyst in kidneys damages the normal structure of kidneys, leading to lower back pain. Sometimes, kidney cyst can be broken. If cyst inside kidney is broken, slight pain in the lower back can occur and blood will flow out through urine. However, if cyst outside kidney is broken, patients with PKD will have severe pain in abdomen and headache.

From the above, we can know that kidney damage is the fundamental cause of lower back pain. If patients with PKD have the symptom of lower back pain, they should treat and alleviate kidney damage. Recently, research shows that Chinese medicines are very good at treating kidney damage and recovering kidney function in clinical practice. Besides, there are no side effects on patients with PKD. Thus, if patients with PKD have lower back pain, they can use Chinese medicines to alleviate lower back. If you want to know detailed information about Chinese medicines treatment, you can contact our online doctors. It is a pleasure for us to answer your questions.

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