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PKD: Flank Pain,Abdominal Pain And Blood in Urine

2013-09-18 11:40

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder with numerous cysts in kidneys.As the disease progresses,it can cause a host of symptoms,in which flank pain, abdominal pain and blood in urine commonly occur.In return,these conditions can worsen the renal function significantly.

Flank pain and abdominal pain in PKD

PKD is featured with a number of cysts in kidneys.With age,the cysts will increase ceaselessly both in size and number.As a result,the enlarged cysts will cause pressure against adjacent kidney tissues and organs,thus resulting in flank pain and abdominal pain in PKD.Enlarged cyst is the major culprit of flank pain and abdominal pain in PKD.

As cysts enlarge further,they are very likely to rupture.In this case,the patients will experience vary serious pain.

In addition,kidney stone and the infection of kidney and cyst also can occur in PKD.These conditions also can contribute to the flank ana abdominal pain.

Blood in urine in PKD

Blood in urine is also called hematuria including gross and microscopic hematuria.If excess red blood cells become lost in urine,it will result in blood in urine.

Rupturing of cysts is a possible cause of blood in urine in PKD as the cysts enlarge ceaselessly.Blood in urine usually lasts for around 7 days and will disappear.However,if blood in urine is related to other conditions like cyst infection, kidney stone etc, the blood in urine will last longer.

How to deal with flank pain, abdominal pain and blood in urine in PKD?

If the patients have serious pain, pain killers may be prescribed. However, as they may cause adverse effects on kidneys, the patients should never take pain killers without consulting with a doctor.

You can also email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more tips to control pain like heat padding.

All in all,the above conditions result from PKD.To control them completely,the patients should have treatment to treat the kidney as a whole.If the underlying condition can be controlled, the flank pain, abdominal pain and blood in urine will be treated fundamentally.

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