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Is Bubbles in Urine Normal in PKD

2013-09-06 15:36

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a kidney disorder with multiple fluid-filled cysts on kidneys.As the condition progresses, a host of symptoms will appear.Is bubbles in urine normal in PKD?

There is a number of possible causes of bubbles in urine in PKD. Some may be related to PKD,but some may not.If the bubbles in urine is caused by PKD itself,it may indicate very serious kidney damage.PKD is a genetic kidney disorder which involves renal tubule firstly.When the renal tubule is impaired,it can not reabsorb the protein in primary urine,thus resulting in protein in urine.If only renal tubule is affected,there is only a small amount of protein in urine so no bubbles in appear in urine. However, as cysts enlarge,they will replace more and more healthy nephrons.If so,more and more proteins will leak into urine.Heavy proteinuria can causes bubbles in urine in PKD. However,not all cases of bubbles in urine in PKD is caused by kidney damage. The following conditions may also contribute to bubbles in urine in PKD.

One of the possible causes of your urine being foamy or bubbly could be a urinary tract infection (UTI),especially common in women.Besides bubbles in urine,the patients with UTI may also experience urgent urination, painful urination etc.

Another cause of bubbles in urine in PKD may be due to vesicocolic fistula which refers to a connection what unnecessarily forms between the urinary bladder and the large intestines.This condition can cause edema at the base of the bladder. Bubbles in urine may appear due to the edema.

The above are the possible causes of bubbles in urine in PKD.To control the condition completely, it is important to find out the specific cause firstly. If you have no idea about what the cause of bubbles in urine is, you can chat with our online doctor here now!

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