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Does Having ADPKD Make Your BUN Increase

2014-08-30 01:55

Does Having ADPKD Make Your BUN IncreaseUrea is the waste product of protein and it is mainly discharged by kidneys, so BUN is often used as an indicator of kidney function. Does having ADPKD make your BUN increase? In fact, it can. If you want to know more such information, please go on reading.

Having ADPKD makes your BUN increase

ADPKD is a genetic kidney disease, which means it can not be cured. The cysts in kidneys will gradually become bigger and bigger, which will damage the renal inherent cells around. Besides, the enlarged cysts will oppress the blood vessels, which will affect the blood flow to the kidneys. And then your kidneys can be impaired due to ischemia and anoxia.

All in all, these cysts will affect your kidney function so as to reduce the urea discharge from the body and then your BUN increase.

How to reduce BUN for ADPKD patients?

If you want to control your BUN, you should restrain the growth of cysts and protect your kidney function. The conventional treatment is to just control your blood pressure, but this can not stop the growth of cysts.

After research we find that the reason why cysts keep growing is that the renal tubule epithelial cells proliferate abnormally and the lining cells secrete liquid. Some Chinese medicine can stop the abnormal proliferation and secretion to retain the growth of cysts. There are also other Chinese medicine to speed up the blood circulation in the cyst wall and increase the permeability of cyst wall. With the blood circulation, cyst fluid can be reabsorbed and discharged out of body. Besides, some other medicine can inhibit kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis as well as provide essential substance for kidney self-healing. We can help you choose the most suitable herbs for you after analyzing your case. With systemic treatment, your kidneys can be preserved well and kidney function improves. As a result, your BUN level reduces.

With ADPKD, you can still live very well with treatment. If you would like to acquire a personalized treatment plan, please contact online expert.

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