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Will All the PKD Patients End Up with Dialysis

2014-07-11 10:22

Will All the PKD Patients End Up with DialysisWill all the PKD patients end up with dialysis? PKD is a refractory illness which progress to kidney failure finally. It damages kidney and impairs kidney function by affecting kidney tissues through enlarged kidney cysts. Also, as time goes by, more and more cysts are formed in the kidney. In many countries, as no a treatment has been found to be able to remove all the cysts at one time, so patients are prescribed with some oral medicines like hypotensive drugs to control their symptoms. Tight control of symptoms only slow down illness progression, but it can not stop further kidney damages, so dialysis is finally needed by Polycystic Kidney Disease patients. Well, does this mean all the PKD patients will definitely end up with dialysis?

PKD is a genetic kidney disorder, and so far no treatment has been invented to successfully remove PKD gene, so cure for Polycystic Kidney Disease is still a challenge around the world. PKD gene can not be removed, but this does not mean its progression can not be stopped.

In medicine, progression of PKD is marked by decline of kidney function. And kidney function keeps declining when more and more kidney tissues are injured due to enlarged kidney cysts. Therefore, if we can protect residual kidney tissues from being damaged by cysts on kidney, illness progress can be stopped and it is quite possible for PKD patients to avoid dialysis.

The kidney has a bean-shaped structure and once it is affected by PKD, cysts may grow in the surface of the kidney and inside the kidney. Surgery only treats big cyst that grow in the outer part of kidney, and it can not remove cyst that grow inside the kidney. Therefore, surgery is not the right treatment method for PKD patients. To protect all the kidney tissues, a treatment that can treats all the cysts in kidney is needed and so far, only Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proven to be able to deal with all the cysts at one time.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herb-based treatment and it helps PKD patients by making pressure difference inside the cyst and outside the cyst. There is a high pressure inside the cysts that are enlarging, so when pressure outside the cyst is lower than that inside the cyst, fluid ooze out naturally. In this way, all the cysts can be shrunk at one time. Also, as long as kidney tissues are protected from kidney cysts, kidney function stops declining and dialysis is avoid naturally.

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