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Prognosis of PKD with Renal Function 40%

2014-01-18 09:59

PKD is a genetic progressive kidney disorder. If no treatment is intervened, kidney failure will be the final result. However, an effective treatment can improve the prognosis of PKD remarkably. How to improve the prognosis of PKD with renal function 40%?

There is no a fast answer to the question as it varies from case to case. Some patients can live a high-quality life as long as the general population. However, some patients may suffer from serious complications and symptoms and live a very short life. How to improve the prognosis of PKD with renal function 40% is the major concern for the patients with the condition.

Stop the progression of PKD

PKD is typically featured with numerous cysts on both of kidneys. As the condition progresses, the size of the cysts will still keep increasing. The enlarged cysts will cause pressure against the adjacent kidney tissues and cells and replace more and more nephrons. To stop the progression of PKD, the key treatment goal is to stop further enlargement of the renal cysts. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can inactive the lining cells on cyst wall and stop the cells from producing cystic fluid. Hence, the cysts will stop growing. As no chemical drugs are applied in the osmotherapy, it is free of adverse effects on body.

Shrink large cysts and enhance renal function

To get a better prognosis of PKD with renal function 40%, a treatment should be used to shrink the large cysts and enhance the current renal function. By improving the permeability of cyst wall, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can increase the removal of cystic fluid from the cysts through the wall. Eventually, the fluid will be eliminated from body through the systemic circulation, thus shrinking the large cysts.

Also, the effective Chinese medicines can improve the current renal function 40% by stimulating the self-repairing of the nephrons.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat PKD with renal function 40% effectively. Hence, the prognosis will be improved remarkably.

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