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Can PKD Cause Infertility in Young Woman

2013-11-18 11:57

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is very difficult to manage.As the disease progresses, a host of disorders will appear. Whether woman with PKD can have a baby successfully is a major concern for woman of childbearing age.Can PKD cause infertility in young woman?

PKD is a progressive disorder and most of the patients start to develop symptoms at age 30-40. If the patients’ kidneys are functioning well and no serious symptoms occur,the woman can have a baby successfully.

However,infertility can occur in some patients with PKD. Besides the cysts in kidneys, cysts can also grow in other body organs including ovary. In serious case, the large cysts in ovary can cause infertility in woman with PKD.

In the advanced stage of PKD,women are also discouraged to get pregnant.On one hand, pregnancy can cause change of hemodynamics. This can cause extra strain on kidneys and accelerate renal function decline. On the other hand, both mother and baby will encounter many potential risks. Pemature delivery, miscarry, acute renal failure etc may occur.

If Kidney Failure occurs, high levels of waste produces will build up in body. It may also contribute to infertility in woman with PKD.

To improve the successful chance of get pregnant for woman with PKD, it is important for the patients to seek for an aggressive treatment to enhance renal function and lower levels of wastes in body.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for woman with PKD. It can control the disease effectively to increase the chance of becoming pregnant.

The effective medicines can shrink large cysts and stop the small ones from enlarging. Hence, it can stop further renal function deterioration.

Also,the effective medicine ingredients can stimulate the self-repairing and self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues, thus improving renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicines can treat PKD naturally and effectively. It can increase the chance of getting pregnant among young women with PKD greatly.

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