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Is Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Life-Threatening

2013-02-26 11:02

is PKD life-threateningPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is life-threatening when it develops to kidney failure stage or causes severe complications like heart failure, polycystic liver disease and rupture of kidney cyst. All these complications appear easily when PKD develops to advanced stage, so stopping PKD from progression means preventing PKD from becoming life-threatening.

PKD is a genetic kidney problem and passes from generation to generation. With different medical method, we receive different treatment effects. Therefore, the progression of PKD differs from case to case. To preventing PKD from becoming life-threatening, we must choose the right treatment.

In many cases, PKD are treated by controlling symptoms like back pain, proteinuria and high blood pressure with some oral medications. These oral medications show quick treatment effects and help patients reduce sufferings. However, we must be clear about that all the symptoms in PKD occur because of decreased kidney function, so the best solution for preventing them from worsening is to protect healthy residual kidney function.

Enlarged kidney cyst oppress surrounding kidney tissues and thus damage kidney function. Therefore, treating kidney cyst is very helpful. At present, two medical methods can be adopted to treat cyst in kidney. One is surgery and another is Chinese herbs:

Surgery: surgery is the quickest way to remove cyst from kidney, but the problem is that surgery can only be used to cope with big cysts in the outer part of kidney. PKD is marked by countless cysts in kidney and these cysts may appear at any part of kidney. Therefore, surgery is not a long-term solution. Besides, when big kidney cysts are removed from kidney, there is enough space for these small cysts, so small cysts always enlarge quickly after surgery.

Chinese herbs: Chinese herbs are more effective and radial in treating PKD; but compared with surgery, Chinese herbs always need a longer time to show treatment effects. Chinese herbs stop PKD from progressing by shrinking kidney cysts. What is more, it can treat all the kidney cysts at one time. We know PKD becomes more and more life-threatening as the cysts enlarge. Therefore, when cysts in kidney are shrunk, PKD stops progressing and also kidney failure and severe complications can be avoided effectively.

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