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Can I Use Moringa with PKD

2014-09-02 08:11

Can I Use Moringa with PKDIn recent years, moringa becomes popular in western countries because of its high calcium, high protein, high fiber, and low fat. As we all know, kidney patients often have diet restrictions. Can I use moringa with PKD? Many PKD patients concern about such a question. In the following, you will find the answer.

Moringa can help you control blood pressure.

The growing cysts oppress the blood vessels around, leading to high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause further damage to the kidneys, stimulate the growth of cysts and increase the risk of heart disease. Moringa is good source of potassium, which can counteract the function of sodium to lower blood pressure. In the early stage of PKD, moringa is good. But with the decline of kidney function, you may need to limit the intake of potassium, because your kidneys can not remove the excess potassium from your blood.

Moringa provides you essential nutrient.

-Kidney patients are often suggested to consume high quality protein, because such protein can provide you with all the essential amino acids. If you do want to take animal protein, moringa is a good choice for you.

-Due to various reasons, kidney patients often have vitamin deficiency. Moringa is rich in vitamins, which can help you supplement the lost vitamins. Vitamin C helps you boost immune system and vitamin D helps you prevent bone disease.

-Moringa is also packed with various minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and so on. They are also good for your health if taken moderately, for example, calcium and magnesium help you build strong bones, and iron helps you prevent anemia.

If you have diabetes, moringa helps you lower sugar level.

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure. If you do not want to slow down the progression, moringa can be used to lower blood sugar level.

In addition, moringa can reduce the infection, relieve arthritis, improve insomnia, ease skin itch, prevent constipation, etc. However, you should use moringa under the instruction of your doctor. Too much intake may be bad for your state of illness. For more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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