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Stop Drinking Beer If You Were A PKD Sufferer

2014-06-14 02:25

Stop Drinking Beer If You Were A PKD SuffererBeer is an excellent drink option in hot summer and drinking in moderation is very health-beneficial. For an instance, a study conduced by Italian researchers reports that drinking beer help to reduce the risk of developing kidney stone which is a very common kidney problem. PKD is a genetic kidney disorder that is always accompanied by kidney stone. However, can this be the reason for PKD patients keep drinking beer?

Actually if you were a PKD sufferer, you will be suggested to quit drinking beer. Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited illness marked by increasing cysts in kidney. In early stage of PKD, patients experience no discomforts because the number and size of cysts are very small. Under such a case, if we can stop kidney cyst from enlarging and increasing, further kidney damages can be avoided successfully and also illness progress can be stopped. Beer is an alcoholic beverage and deeply loved by young people. However, due to the following several bad effects, PKD sufferers are suggested to stay far away from beer.

1. Beer may stimulate kidney cyst and accelerates the enlargement of kidney cyst, kidney cysts enlarges quickly if patients keep drinking beer regularly and this always lead to a fast progression of illness.

2. Drinking too much beer will increase the consumption of protein and seriously affect the nitrogen balance. Harmful substances with nitrogen like urea nitrogen are usually excreted through kidney, so when the level of them is increased severely, kidney burden is increased as well. This may lead to quick deterioration of kidney condition.

3. Long-term high consumption of beer also increase PKD patients’ risk for high blood pressure, anemia, hyperlipemia, atherosclerosis and even bleeding problem. All these health tissues can cause direct bad influence on kidney.

Moderate consumption of beer indeed helps to strengthen physical condition, but for PKD patients, for the above several factors, it is necessary for them to avoid high consumption of beer, so as to protect residual and prevent kidney failure well.

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