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Can Kiwi be Good for Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients

2014-05-22 06:41

Can Kiwi be Good for Polycystic Kidney Disease PatientsSome patients with PKD consult us if they can eat kiwi and kiwi is good for them. In view of this question, we will give a full and scientific answer for patients with PKD, now see please the following:

Get a general knowledge of kiwi in the first place.

Kiwi contains many kinds of nutrients, such as : vitamins and fat, protein, amino acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, pectin, etc.

The properties of kiwi:

It can do skin care, enhance immunity, have the function of anti-cancer, anti-aging, softening blood vessels, preventing swelling and inflammation.

In addition, kiwi can lower high cholesterol level, promote heart health, have the function of appetizers spleen, digestion, and preventing constipation.

Thus, it is really beneficial to our health by eating kiwi.

Then, see effects of kiwi on patients with PKD.

After eating kiwi, patients with PKD can have the below effects:

Kidney inflammation and d\infection can be prevented very well, and kidney cyst can be prevented worsened. At last, kidney damage can be repaired.

Besides, blood circulation can be promoted, blood vessels can be expanded and immunity can be enhanced.

Thus, it is also beneficial for patients with PKD to eat in daily life.

But not all patients with PKD can eat it, because much potassium are in kiwi. So, if patients with PKD have high potassium level, they need to limit it or avoid it in daily life. Otherwise, much potassium intake can worsen deposition of potassium and affect kidney function.

What is more, low salt, low protein and los phosphorus are all necessary for patients with PKD.If you want to know more information about diet in PKD, be free to contact us. And we are very pleased to give you a satisfied answer.

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