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Does Baking Soda Affect Blood Pressure for patients with PKD

2014-04-04 08:07

Does Baking Soda Affect Blood Pressure for patients with PKDBaking soda is very common in our daily life, and is broadly used to cook and medicine. Then for patients with PKD, does baking soda affect blood pressure? Here we will make a specific explanation.

Effects of baking soda on patients with PKD

Baking soda composes of carbon, sodium and hydrogen mostly. In addition, content of sodium in baking soda is very high. As we all know, sodium contributes to elevation of blood pressure, doing harm to patients with PKD.

As a consequent, baking soda can affect blood pressure for patients with PKD.

In addition, sodium can aggravate swelling. And edema is a very common symptoms of PKD. Sodium can absorb water in body, leading to deposition of fluids. In this way, swelling can be much worse.

So patients with PKD should avoid baking soda in daily life, and having alow sodium diet is very important for them.

The following points should be taken notice of highly:

1. Patients with PKD should eat fresh food as they as possible.

2. During cooking, spices which contain high sodium should be avoided in daily life.

3. When having a meal, they should eat a low salt diet.

The below is food low in sodium, which is suggested for patients with PKD:



Olive oil

Coconut oil

Beancurd jelly


Patients with PKD should follow the above suggestions, which can help them get more effective treatment with Hot compress therapy.

Besides, patients with PKD need to pay attention to other aspects about diet:

-A low protein diet, but they can eat more high quality protein food like fish, milk and egg white.

-Low intake of phosphorus, because phosphorus can build up in body, so much phosphorus can put much pressure on kidney, doing harm to kidney function. In addition, if high potassium occurs, limiting intake of potassium is also necessary.

-Have more vitamins

It is very beneficial that patients with PKD should have more vitamins, which can supply rich nutrients and enhance immunity.

If you want to know more or any question, just contact us freely at any time. It is a great honor that we can give you a hand.

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