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Creatinine Level 230 umol/L Decreases To 111umol/L In Lupus Nephritis

2016-04-06 03:29

Name: Mimi Yerdaw 

Gender: Female 

Age: 45 Years old 

Country: America 

Diagnose: Lupus Nephritis 

Patient Word:

Mimi Yerdaw suffers from Lupus Nephritis and has high creatinine level 230umol/L. Lupus nephritis progresses quickly so timely treatment should be taken.

Recently, Tu Youyou won a Nobel prize with artemisinin. She has been studying the artemisinin derivatives used in the treatment of lupus nephritis. However, there is no clinical experiment. There is a long way to see its effect. So Mimi Yerdaw cannot wait for artemisinin to treat her lupus nephritis. Up to now, Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment is still the best option for lupus nephritis.

What is Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment?

Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment is our hospital’s unique therapy and includes four kinds of Chinese medical treatments: one bottle of Mai Kang Mixture or composition, one pair of oral Chinese Medicines, one doses of external application Chinese medicines and one basin of foot bath.

The advantages of Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment is that the active ingredients in them can come to kidney lesion directly by removing toxins from skin, and they can help cure kidney disease without further damage to the kidneys. After this systematic and natural treatment, kidney damage structures and cells can be repaired and renal function can be improved as well.

After half a month of treatment, her creatinine level 230umol/L is reduced to 111umol/L with improved kidney function. Mimi Yerdaw is really happy about her creatinine levels and she has no need to wait for Noble Prize. In a few more days, it is possible to decrease high creatinine level to below 106umol/L.

                  Creatinine Level 230 umol/L Decreases To 111umol/L In Lupus Nephritis                 
                    Creatinine Level 230 umol/L Decreases To 111umol/L In Lupus Nephritis

Creatinine Level 230 umol/L Decreases To 111umol/L In Lupus NephritisToday it is the time of Professor Wang Zhigang’s Consultation. Professor Zhang examined Mimi Yerdaw’s condition in person. Professor Wang approved her therapeutic effect and also gave her some suggestion on the following treatment.

If you happen to be a patient with lupus nephritis and want to know Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will send you information you need.

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