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Do Not Let Uremia Ruin Your Family

2016-04-21 05:51

Name: Peng Jiaqu 

Gender: Male 

Age: 21 

Country: China 

Diagnose: Uremia 

Patient Word:

Peng Jiaqu, a young man in the prime of his life, was diagnosed with uremia. During the treatment, it costs all their savings. At present, he only depends on dialysis to sustain life. His mother killed herself due to much pressure. In the ensuing treatment, Jiaqu himself borrows money to continue dialysis. In the limited days, Peng Jiaqu only hopes that his family can accompany him to finish the rest of his life.

Do Not Let Uremia Ruin Your Family

How terrible uremia is!

Uremia at present is incurable so it needs a long time of treatment. Under such a condition, treatment cost should be taken into consideration by all uremia patients.

Take the most hemodialysis remedy for an example, one time of dialysis is about 400 RMB. If dialysis is done three times a week, it costs 5000 RMB in a month. This is a disaster to a ordinary family.

What’s worse, there is no hope for dialysis.

Dialysis only cleanses small molecular substances in blood but cannot improve kidney damage. On the contrary, frequent dialysis will speed up kidney shrinkage and may cause aggravations. Therefore, the final option for dialysis is kidney transplant.

This tragedy actually can be avoided.

Uremia is not formed in one day. It has gone through a long process. Regrettably, this process is usually neglected by people.

When immune complexes are produced in the body, they have started to damage kidneys. As an important organ for blood filtration, kidneys tend to get damaged by immune complexes.

These immune complexes depositing in kidneys will cause renal ischemia and anoxia, and lead to ultra immune inflammatory response. This will cause renal cell sclerosis or necrosis. The common treatment for this condition is steroid. Steroid is used to prevent immune complexes forcibly.

However, inhibition is not the treatment for kidney disease. Gradually kidney disease will progress to uremia.

The biggest concern for uremia patients is to find the best treatment for uremia.

Do Not Let Uremia Ruin Your Family

Dialysis and kidney transplant are not the correct treatments for uremia. If immune complexes in blood and toxic substances in blood does not get eliminated, kidney disease progression cannot be stopped. Chinese medicine treatments like oral taking Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy, foot bath, medicated bath and steaming therapy, etc can eliminate immune complexes depositing in kidneys effectively. This can recover part of kidney’s compensatory ability. That is, kidney function can get recover to some extent. It is the secrete to get rid of dialysis.

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