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Does Kidney Cyst Less Than 3 cm Require No Treatment

2016-04-21 02:31

Name: Miss Qin 

Gender: Female 


Country: China 

Diagnose: Kidney Cyst 

Patient Word:

Miss Qin received her lab reports and took a deep breath when she saw her serum creatinine level came back to normal.

Does Kidney Cyst Less Than 3 cm Require No Treatment

As a kidney cyst patient, Miss Qin does not image that she will suffer from kidney failure. The doctor tells her kidney cyst is not dangerous and requires no treatment.

5 years ago, Miss Qin was diagnosed with kidney cyst in a routine checkup. She consulted the local doctor and the doctor said that the cyst less than 3 cm requires no management. She only needed to take routine checkup.

Since the doctor says it is not necessary to treat kidney cyst less than 3 cm, Miss Qin does not pay attention to it until she has sudden and sharp back pain in recent time. She goes to hospital to find that kidney cyst burst leads to acute kidney failure.

Is it true when kidney cyst is less than 3 cm?

In clinical, we know symptomatic treatment. There are no symptoms if kidney cyst is less than 3 cm. How to treat this? We should wait for the cysts grow bigger. However, we often see some acute kidney failure patients because they obey the rule “no treatment for kidney cyst less than 3 cm”. Although in most cases kidney cysts grow slowly, there is also special condition. Doctor says it is not necessary to treat kidney cyst in early stage but he also tells patients to do routine tests. Few patients can insist on routine test and have no strict diet plan, so kidney cysts will grow quickly and eventually burst.

Does Kidney Cyst Less Than 3 cm Require No Treatment

How to treat kidney cyst?

The common therapy for kidney cyst is paracentesis to shrink kidney cyst quickly. But it is easy to cause infection. One of our patients from Tanzania undergoes 14 times of parancentesis during 7 years inducing infection. Her right kidney was cut off.

In fact, the course of shrinking kidney cyst is a course of removing blood stasis. We have use Chinese medicine for many clinical experiments and the result is very satisfying. Chinese medicine can not only restrain the proliferation of the epithelial cells but also reduce the secretion of cystic fluid. Chinese medicine treatment for kidney cyst includes oral taking Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy, foot bath therapy and Chinese patent medicine. In this way, it can repair kidney tissues, improve environment of your whole and avoid further kidney damage.

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