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Good Recovery Here With The Systematic Chinese Herbal Medicines

2016-04-21 03:45

Name: Kenny

Gender: Male 

Age: 47

Country: America 


High Creatinine

Patient Word:

Good Recovery Here With The Systematic Chinese Herbal MedicinesKenny is a diabetic patient and is currently going through a kidney-shrinking disease. He also has blood pressure and water retention problems. His creatinine level is 6.1. A few days ago, he consulted us his kidney disease in our website. After he had a comprehensive understanding of our hospital and our characteristic treatment, he came to our hospital to adopt our characteristic Chinese medicine treatment. Over a time of treatment, his disease gets controlled and he has a good improvement. Well, how does Chinese herbal medicine treat his kidney disease?

We are here using systematic Chinese therapy to help save kidney disease patients’ own kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recover kidney function. This treatment has been applied in our hospital for almost 30 years. We have treatment more than 600 foreign patients from 60 countries. For his condition, we first use some auxiliary detoxification medicine to help lower the serum creatinine level and other toxins. It includes oral taking detoxification medicines, Chinese medicine enema therapy and Chinese herbal bath therapy. Enema can help remove the toxins by intestinal tract and Herb Bath Therapy can lower the serum creatinine level by improving the whole body’s blood circulation and sweating. Second, there is still inflammation in his kidneys. For this problem, we use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which has the function of anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation so as to stop the immune reaction in the kidneys. In this way, we can stop the progress of the disease and improve the recovery of the kidney function. Oral taking Chinese medicines will be given to strengthen healthy Qi in human body. Third, we have to prevent more glomeruli from being sclerosed, promote the recovery of glomeruli and protect the remaining kidney function by holistic treatment. We have confident to help treat his kidney disease from root. After almost one month of treatment, his high blood pressure is well controlled and his elevated creatinine level is reduced from 6.1ml/min to 2.2ml/min. All his conditions have a better improvement with Chinese Medicine Therapy. He leaves our hospital on 29th April, 2014. Also he brought some Chinese medicines to his home and would follow a planned diet. In this condition, his disease will not get worse and he can live a normal life.

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