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Chinese Medicine for Renal Cyst with Renal Anemia And Hypertension

2014-01-14 16:07

Name: Peder Archer

Gender: male

Age: 53

Country: Male

Diagnose: renal cyst, renal anemia, renal hypertension

Patient Word: I have a remarkable improvement only after about a week's treatment. Chinese medicine is very amazing

Chinese medicine for renal cyst Condition before treatment

Mr. Archer was diagnosed with renal cysts for many years.At beginning,he did not take it seriously at all as it caused no discomfort at all.However,back to one year ago,bad things happened.He felt very painful in abdomen so he had to be hospitalized.In the local hospital,renal cyst decortication was performed to remove the big cyst.

Peder recovered gradually after surgery and he thought it was the end.However,months passed,the cyst began to grow again, and became even larger than before.The doctor prescribed surgery again. Finally, Peder got that using surgery to remove the cysts can not solve the problem completely and fundamentally. He learned that Chinese treatment could treat kidney cyst without side effects and could prevent relapse of the cysts. That was why he chose to China for treatment.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy 3 times/day, 45min/ time; western medicine

Condition after treatment

After a thorough checkup,a tailored treatment plan was made. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and western medicines are recommended to Mr.Archer.Western medicines could relieve the symptoms like high blood pressure,anemia temporarily.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can shrink the large cysts and stop the small ones from enlarging in a mild way.

After a period of treatment, he had a remarkable improvement. Pain in abdomen, pale face and cold feet were gone.The blood work result showed that creatinine level also decreased. All these improvements signal that his renal function had been boosted. “Chinese medicine is pretty wonderful and I am very satisfied with the treatment outcome” said Mr.Archer.

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