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Breath Shortness And Swelling Disappear in a Renal Patient

2014-01-14 15:56

Name: Baiying

Gender: Femal

Age: 42

Country: China

Diagnose: Nephrotic Syndrome, CKD

Patient Word:

"I appreciate all nurses and doctors here so much. From my experience,I also learn a lot.We should never quit our treatment. All of us should keep in mind that miracle can be created by us".

Breath Shortness And Swelling Disappear in a Renal PatientBai Ying,a renal patient from South China.She has just been hospitalized for about one week. Now she is invited to attend a farewell party.She is very excited about her improvement.It is hard for you to image how serious her condition is before she was admitted to hospital.

"I have lived with Kidney Disease for many years. It is really a nightmare for me and my family. I have been to many hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and other big cities. However, all the doctors told me that they could not treat me. "

"Fluid builds up all over my body, feet, abdomen, lung. I could not walk by myself and even could not lie on my back. I kept awake all day and night. Just like a disabled person, I was taken care of by my husband and daughter. In those blue days, I even thought of committing suicide."Breath Shortness And Swelling Disappear in a Renal Patient

"However,only after about one week’s treatment here,I have a dramatic improvement.So much fluid is removed from my body. I return to my previous body figure.Now I can walk by my own, have a sound sleep at night, enjoy my favorite foods.The biggest pleasure is that I can live a normal life together with my family ".

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