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Kidney Stone Is Discharged Easily With Tai Chi And Herbal Medicine

2014-01-14 15:51

Name: Pulak

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Country: India

Diagnose: Polycystic Kidney Disease, Kidney Stone

Patient Word:

My kidney stones are passed easily


Pulak is patient of Polycystic Kidney Disease and Kidney Stone. Before he comes to our hospital for treatment, the stone he discharged is very large and it is very painful while he passing these stones. What is worse, kidney stone cause damages on surround kidney tissues and urinary tract, causing blood in urine. However, here with the help of herbal medicine and TaiChi, kidney stones are disintegrated within two weeks and discharged easily from the body. Small kidney stones pass through kidney and urinary tract easily without causing damages on kidney and urinary tract, which is very beneficial for Pulak to protect his kidneys.

TaiChi is a traditional Chinese shadow boxing and has been developed greatly through Chinese people’s constant practices. Now it has become a relaxed exercises with valuable health care efficacy. It helps to treat disease, improve physical condition and expand lifespan. By doing TaiChi, weak people can become strong and sick become recovered. For this reason, it is deeply loved by all the people, especially elders.

Modern medical findings show that there is difference between TaiChi and other exercises. TaiChi is a kind of aerobic exercises and not only helps to improve immunity, but also helps to prevent osteoporosis. It benefits us in different ways and has aroused many people’s interests, including healthy people and patients with different illnesses.

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