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Kidney Function Improves Naturally: This Is Why I Come Back

2014-01-14 15:46

Name: Ralph Kimbu

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Country: Papua New Guinea

Diagnose: Kidney failure, high blood pressure

Patient Word:

“I am sad to go, because I went joy to stay here. I met all the good doctors, nurses and the hospital staff.”

- Ralph Kimbu

Ralph Kimbu whose come from Papua New Guinea experiences severer kidney problem. Before coming to China, their local doctors has said that he have to go for dialysis. At that time, his kidney function declines to 10%. What’s more, he is losing weight and always feels very tired and weak.

Fortunately, he found out this hospital through internat. After consulting online in detail, his son called Joachim accompanies him to come China for alternative treatment to dialysis. Here, not only Ralph Kimbu but also his son get best service from all the nurses, doctors and translators. After the first treatment, Ralph Kimbu’s kidney function is improved, he becomes stronger, and his blood like BP moves better. This is why he comes back for a review.

Now, he have to go, but he is quite sad, because all the staff here make them like home. He says he and his son are looking forwards to coming back again. Hopefully, more and more patients who have a similar experience can become better soon just like Ralph Kimbu.

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