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Proper Stress Management Promotes Kidney Health

2012-10-20 10:57

Proper Stress Management Promotes Kidney HealthIn modern society, stress exists everywhere such as our work, family and personal lives. When we face stress, we may behave or feel differently, and different response to stress causes different levels of response to our heart, brain and kidney.

When we feel stressed, we usually have the following physical responses:

1. Increase in heart rate and respiration rate

2. Increased blood pressure

3. Blood sugar level increases to provide energy

4. Muscular tension increases

5. Sweating

6. Sharpening of senses

7. Pupils of eyes dilate

8. Digestion slow down

All the above 8 conditions are harmful to our health and some of them affect our kidney directly. For instance, both high blood sugar and high blood pressure can increase renal burden directly. And long-term high burden in kidney will affect kidney function. Therefore, having a proper management to stress will promote kidney health.

The followings are the several methods that help to manage stress properly. Hope it is helpful for you:

1. Keep things in perspective: Maybe we can not success in doing this at present, but we can learn it at once.

2. Keep being optimistic: Keep being optimistic no matter what kind of situation we are in.

3. Having a full prepare before action: We feel nervous and stressed easily when the thing is out of our control our ability. Therefore, to reduce the morbidity of this condition, having a full prepare no matter what we are going to do. With judicious preparation, we will relaxed.

4. Be realistic when setting goals.

5. Learn time management: Do not crowd too many things into one day, which will increase your stress unconsciously.

Since high stress not only affect our kidney, but also many our other internal organs, so a proper management of stress will benefit us from different aspects.

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