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Online Live Vedio Consultation--Help as Many Kidney Disease Patients as Possible

2012-12-04 14:24

consultation, video diagnosisA free online diagnosis meeting was held by a non-governmental organization on November 21, 2012. Kidney disease patients from many countries including India, Australia, US, Pakistan, Nepal, etc participated in the long-distance video diagnosis.

The arrangement took several days. The patients who were eager for help because of their illness condition got the advice they needed. Of the experts who were present are Zhigang Wang, nephrologist and expert in blood purification. There were more patients than it was expected before the video diagnosis begins. Some patients were unable to send their laboratory results which the expert consultation requires, but they still had great interest in participating the consultation meeting.

Zhigang Wang, together with many other kidney experts, tried the best they can to help the patients. One of the patients has been on dialysis since October, 2011, no urine output, constrictive pericartitis and ascites. It was suggested that the patient do cardiac color ultrasound. What is dangerous for the patient is the complications so firstly it is essential that the condition is corrected which can help the patient live better.

Zhigang Wang is a nephrologist who is specialized in Chronic Renal Insufficiency and blood purification techniques. When kidney disease progresses into end stages, the quality of blood purification, which means how well the blood is filtered, can directly affect the life quality in the patients. Zhigang Wang is one of the pacemaker in exploration on various blood purification techniques, including hemofiltration, high sodium dialysis, biological filtration, A immunoadsorption, high-flux dialysis, etc. Other famous experts present also include Falei Zheng, Pingan Zhang, etc.

What the nephrologists are dedicated in may help the management of kidney disease and benefit the patients a lot. It was towards noon for lunch, but many more patients are waiting online for help. When offered meals, the doctors refused and said that the consultation should continue so they can save time to help more patients. The consultation video diagnosis proves a success and the patients who live in remote areas can get chances for urgent help.

More video live consultations are on the way. Kidney disease patients who need help can submit their information directly at any time, waiting for the next time that a video consultation will be arranged.

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