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Our Hospital Zhang Daning National Medicine Master Studio Recruit New Members

2018-01-25 09:19

Our Hospital Zhang Daning National Medicine Master Studio Recruit New MembersTo better inherit the academic thoughts and clinical experience of TCM diagnosis and treatment of nephropathy, further enhance the construction of the expert team of Zhang Daning National Medicine Master Studio, improve clinical curative effect, solve the patient’s physical and mental illness and meet the requirement of patients for consultation, recently our hospital chooses over 15 experts to studio expert group.

At this time, members of this expert group include Mao Yan, Suo Fen, Zhang Lingzhi, Duan Limin, Zhang Bing, Wang Qunying, Feng Xiuxiang, Liu Lvchuan, Wang Zhanping, Liu Jianming, Yang Xiaodong, Lv Pengfei, Liu Zhiqiang and Liu jingjing. They are specialized in Minimal Change Disease, Membranous Nephropathy, IgA Nephropathy, Hypertensive Nephropathy, Diabetic Nephropathy, Purpura Nephritis, Lupus Nephritis, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Uric Acid Nephropathy, etc.

Since Zhang Daning National Physician Master Studio was officially built in our hospital, Shi wei, pro-disciple of Zhang Daning combines closely the academic thoughts and research result of nephropathy, inherits the traditional Chinese medicine and carries forward the mission of TCM national essence, and provides high quality medical service for patients.

Good medical ethics, good medical practice and excellent medical skill are the necessary conditions for evaluating each expert. The therapeutic effect is the core assessment index. Shi Wei said. Experts in the group also need to play the role of academic leaders, bring their potential into full play and putting them to the best use.

With a group of kidney experts, we can give you best treatments. You will not regret coming to our hospital for treatment.

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