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Our Medical Team In Kenya

2017-05-29 03:36

On May 25th, our medical team went to Kenya and began our medical consultation. We are practioners of Belt and Road Health Alliance. We have visited many countries like Nigeria, India, UAR and Bangladesh. We will also visit Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Pakistan in the near future. Do not despair. The next stop of our journey may be your country.

In Kenya, our medical team did the following things:

1. Visit Hope Natural Health Care Centre

It is a famous herbalist clinic there, and we are also happy that our Chinese medicine treatment can come there to help the people. PS: Dr. Lydia is really a nice lady, great thanks to her that we can come to Kenya.
Our Medical Team In Kenya
Our Medical Team In Kenya

2. Visit Ministry of Health

Our medical team visited Minitry of Health and talked with the minister.
Our Medical Team In Kenya

3. Provide free medical consultation for kidney patients

More kidney patients came to experience Chinese medicine treatments. Some of them come from other cities and they need to drive for 2 or 3 hours. We will do our best to help them.
Our Medical Team In Kenya

4. Check patients’ illness condition with Chinese medicine ways

Our doctor checked patients’ illness condition by feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue, etc. Chinese medicine can help know your condition on the whole.
Our Medical Team In Kenya
Our Medical Team In Kenya

If you also want to get our service, take action now.

The procedures are as below:

1. Appointment card (Passport copy or ID card is required)

2. Bring your latest medical reports

3. Prepare your medical history and what kinds of question you want to ask. Time is limited for each patient.

4. Consultation is free and also some medicines will be given for free.

As for detailed information, you can consult me on whatsapp 008618330110929 or email kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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