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Why Does Proteinuria Ralapse Frequently In Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-01-30 08:16

Proteinuria is a typical complication in Nephrotic Syndrome. It is refractory and relapses frequently. A patient with Nephrotic Syndrome is very upset because her proteinuria gets relapse again and again. She nearly loses confidence to her treatment. Fortunately, she knows our hospital under a friend’s introduction. And she comes to our hospital for treatment and gets a good recovery.

Before she comes to our hospital for treatment, she has take a long time of steroid therapy in her local hospital. Her condition was protein 3+, occult blood 3+ and 24h urine protein quantity 3.8g. After 10 days of steroids and direutic treatment, her swelling disappeared and protein became negative. She left the hospital.

At home, she continued to take steroid therapy. But her protein was fluctuating between 2+ or 3+. 7 days ago, she went to a hospital in Beijing for check up and her 24h urine protein quantity was 2.15g. Her condition was not improved even with a long time of steroid therapy. In order to seek better curative effect, she came to our hospital for treatment.

The medical reports showed in our hospital 24h urine protein quantity was 5.06g. What’s worse, the swelling in her legs were very severe.

 Treatment for Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome

This patient asked our doctor that why the proteinuria occurred again. Do you want to know the reason?

Steroids and diuretics can make protein become negative and eliminate swelling. But it only treats the symptoms not the disease. Your condition will relapse again sooner or later. If you want to get a better curative effect in kidney disease, the best treatment should first remove toxins in blood and then take medications for kidneys. If you take medications for kidneys without purifying your blood, the curative effect will not be good. Simply speaking, when there are many toxins in your blood, the curative effect will not be good no matter which medicines you take. Kidney disease can not be cured if toxins are not removed from your kidney intrinsic cells.

Our hospital adopts Chinese medicine treatments for kidney disease. Chinese medicines can recover kidney intrinsic cells’ function and remove toxins from kidney intrinsic cells effectively.

After one week of our Chinese medicine treatments, her swelling disappeared and body weight reduced 6kg.

 Treatment for Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome

10 days of our Chinese medicine treatments, 24h urine protein quantity was reduced to 1.71g. More importantly, no relapse occurred again. Our Chinese medicine treatments can help you avoid relapse in Nephrotic Syndrome. If you want to learn more information about our Chinese medicine treatments, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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