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How To Prevent Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-06-16 10:40

How To Prevent Nephrotic SyndromeHow to prevent nephrotic syndrome? This question is frequently asked by many patients. Here we will help you find the answer.

Generally speaking, avoiding situations or controlling the other diseases that can contribute to kidney disease can sometimes prevent nephrotic syndrome.

1. Take timely treatment for infection

Massive protein in blood leaks from urine. Lost substances include some important substances of immune defense like immunoglobulin and complement in blood serum. At the same time, leukocyte function in body declines and some microelements like zinc also lose from the body. This weakens your body’s ability to fight against pathogenic factor.

2. Follow a light diet

Due to hyperlipidemia, patients need to regulate their diet. Spicy foods and greasy foods should be avoided while patients should eat some foods which are light and easy to be digested and absorbed. Fresh vegetables, potatoes, tofu, fish and bitter gourd are all nutritious and they can supplement some nutrients which are lost to alleviate your condition and improve renal function.

3. Remove immune complexes

The radical cause of nephrotic syndrome is inflammation which occurs when immune complex, combination of antigen and antibody, deposit in the kidneys. If immune complexes are not removed and immune system is not normalized, nephrotic syndrome is easy to relapse. Therefore, if nephrotic syndrome patients want to avoid relapse radically, aside from controlling symptoms and adjusting diet, they need to normalize the immune system, improve their immunity and discharge immune complexes that have deposited in kidney. Only in this way can inflammation and relapse of nephrotic syndrome be prevented effectively.

How to prevent nephrotic syndrome? The above have given you some suggestion. If you have any doubt, you can describe your illness condition to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

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