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Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Cured From The Root

2015-03-29 06:42

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Cured From The RootKidney disease is a hinder killer. The main reason is that kidney disease is not easy to detect in the early stage and is difficult to treat. It is not practical if patients want to treat nephrotic syndrome quickly. Because when you are diagnosed, it has indicated that a part of kidney function has been damaged. To control the development of kidney disease, the key point should recover kidney function. Can Nephrotic Syndrome effect a radical cure?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicines are all oral Chinese medicines. But oral Chinese medicines are digested, absorbed and circulated, then they will come to kidneys. The medicines in this case have little effect and do not work for kidney disease. let alone to repair kidney intrinsic cells.


Steroids are often used to treat nephrotic syndrome. These medicines include prednisone, prednisolone and hexadecadrol which have functions of preventing infection, antianaphylaxis and have diuretic effect. Steroids will show some effects but the side effects can also not be ignored like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, bone fracture and skin crack, etc. Therefore, steroids can not be used at will. They should be used carefully.

Nephrotic syndrome treatment should include the following aspects:

1. expand blood vessels

Since inflammatory mediator and substances in blood will lead to oxidative stress, it will cause damages on all levels of blood vessels. Blood circulation will be blocked so anoxia and ischemia of micro-circulation will be induced. What’s more, kidney intrinsic cells will also be impaired due to ischemia and anoxia.

2. prevention for inflammation

Nephritis will bring some inflammatory mediator to blood circulation. Various inflammatory response will occur. Steroids and immunosuppressive agents are often used to stop inflammatory reaction.

3. anti-coagulation and anti-thrombosis

Due to occurrence of inflammatory lesion, the activity of blood platelet will increase while the formation of blood platelet will make normal blood progress to blood coagulation. With the increase of blood coagulation factor, there will be different levels of thrombus in blood. Thrombus will in turn lead to the block of micro-circulation and ischemia and anoxia. To alleviate this condition, medications are used to prevent the formation of blood clot.

The above is the analysis of nephrotic syndrome treatment. If you have any question to this disease, you can click our online doctor to get professional answer.

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Our Treatment Effect

Swelling is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture Swelling is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Look, this patient has severe leg swelling which has made her feel pain and can not get out of the bed. In order to seek better treatment, she came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. 30kg of fluid was removed from her body in less than a month. Her leg swelling disappeared completely. Now you can see her long legs again.

Proteinuria can also be seen in kidney patients

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture Proteinuria can also be seen in kidney patients

Look, this patient has severe proteinuria when he just came to our hospital. With our Chinese medicine treatments, his condition was better and better. Bubbles in urine gradually reduced and finally disappeared in 10 days of treatment.

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