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Holistic Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-02-04 07:00

Holistic Treatment For Nephrotic SyndromeThe characteristics of Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) is massive proteinuria, severe edema, hyperlipidaemia and hypoproteinemia. Massive proteinuria and hypoproteinemia are two essential conditions of making a definite diagnosis for NS.

As for the treatment for NS, the common therapies are hormonotherapy or other immunosuppressants, anticoagulation medications, diuresis and antihypertensive drugs. Besides, patients also need to follow a high quality protein diet. The difficult of the treatment is reduced dosage will cause the relapse of the disease. What’s more, hormone has some inhibiting effects on people’ immunity, causing low immunity.

If immune complexes are not eliminated from the kidneys, the therapeutic effects do not last for a long time. Hormonotherapy can not stop protein leakage radically. The key point of removing immune complexes is to promote blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction and improve blood microcirculation so as to make toxic and waste substances be discharged out of the body effectively. For this reason, on the basis of oral taking Chinese medicine, we innovate four therapies, namely: Mai Kang Mixture, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Taking Chinese medicine and Herbal Foot Therapy. These therapies can improve overall health. Only in this way can Nephrotic Syndrome be treated fundamentally.

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