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How To Successfully Get Rid Of Stubborn Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-02-01 02:00

How To Successfully Get Rid Of Stubborn Nephrotic SyndromeOne female was diagnosed with primary nephrotic syndrome (NS) 5 years ago and she was prescribed prednisone acetate tablets 45mg 1/morning, Jinshuibao capsule and huangkui capsule. Her swelling in eyes and lower limbs was alleviated to some extent but her disease had a frequent relapse due to no systematic treatment. In order to take integrated Chinese and western medicines, she came to our hospital-Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to accept treatment.

After her hospitalization, her primary treatment plan is maintained, but the difference is that we add four plus one to her treatment, namely Mai Kang Mixture, Hot Compress Therapy, Oral Taking Chinese Medicine and Medicated Full Bath Therapy. Compared with other patients’ treatment, the therapy on this patient is medicated full bath and foot bath are used together. At first, since the treatment dynamic is not so aggressive, dosage and types of Chinese medicines are quite conventional, 24 hour urinary protein quantity is elevated from 2.3g/24h to 6.2g/24h. However, after our detailed explanation, the patient agrees to continue receiving treatment. Therefore, we change our treatment plan and increase the intensity of treatment, choose some precious Chinese medicines. Although the treatment cost is doubled, routine urine is changed to negative and 24 hour urinary protein quantity decreased to 0.17g/24h after 10 days of treatment. Medical conditions are under control quickly.

Our “Four plus One Therapy” has unique therapeutic effect in treating kidney disease. Western medicine combines our Four Plus One Therapy, which makes patient’s medical condition get good control quickly. This indicates that our Four Plus One Therapy can control the illness condition when the disease is in acute progressive stage. It also proves that the therapeutic effects of Chinese medicines can occur in a short time.

Although Hormonotherapy can inhibit the inflammatory reaction in kidneys in a short time and reduce protein leakage, protein in urine will occur again when we reduce the dosage of steroids or stop taking steroids. The root cause of kidney disease can not be treated by hormonotherapy because steroids can not remove the sediment poison in kidneys. The role of hormonotherapy plays is it only cures the symptoms not the disease. However, our Four Plus One therapy has incomparable therapeutic effect compared with hormonotherapy. Our therapy is the newest therapy to treat Nephrotic Syndrome from the root.

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