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Hot Compress Therapy Treats Nephrotic Syndrome Effectively Without Steroids

2014-12-16 02:22

Hot Compress Therapy Treats Nephrotic Syndrome Effectively Without SteroidsNephrotic Syndrome (NS) is a disease difficult to treat and it affects people’s fitness greatly. Since many people do not know this disease clearly and are not aware of this disease’s harms. Misdiagnose is easy to occur. This will worsen the illness conditions and eventually patients need to dialysis or even kidney transplant to sustain their lives. Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital creates new therapy “Compress Therapy ” or “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy ” which can treat nephritic syndrome effectively without steroids. This therapy hits the world and attracts many people to come to our hospital to treat their kidney disease.

Steroids for nephritic syndrome have the following disadvantages:

1. metabolic disorder

long time of steroid medications can result in metabolic disorder such as water, sodium, sugar, protein and fat, etc. patients in this condition are easy to get fat. Besides, this condition also affects the absorption of calcium so patients will suffer from osteoporosis. In severe case, patients may even experience pathologic fracture.

2. infection

long time of steroid application will decrease the ability against disease. With poor disease-fighting, there are many bacteria growth in your body, which induces infection easily. Besides, steroids also promote the breakdown of protein, delay the formation of granulation tissues, interfere with the healing of the wound and affect the patients’ recovery.

3. bone problem

long time of glucocorticoid will inhibit the formation of auxin. Children’s bone and protein formation will both be affected. As for pregnant people, steroids may cause fetal malformation.

Hot Compress Therapy can avoid the harms of steroids.

Kidney disease patients should know all kidney lesions are due to damaged kidney lesions. Therefore, to treat kidney disease radically, we should repair or regenerate cells of kidney lesions. Hot compress therapy can promote the restructure and rebuild of new kidney nephrons. Finally, it can achieve the purpose of recovering kidneys’ self-healing ability and normalize clinical symptoms. Patients will get better as soon as possible.

If you have any question, just feel free to consult our online doctor or email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We are glad to help you.

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