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Will Chinese Medicine Close The Gaps Of Glomeruli In NS

2014-10-09 02:51

Will Chinese Medicine Close The Gaps Of Glomeruli In NSWill Chinese medicine close the gaps of glomeruli in Nephrotic Syndrome (NS)? When there is something wrong with the glomeruli, protein in urine will occur. Most often, the person with NS finds some foam in his urine. Is foamy urine related to the damaged glomurli? Will Chinese medicine help impaired glomeruli?

How does damaged glomeruli cause proteinuria?

The glomeruli and small blood vessels acts as a filtering system in the kidney. Normally, they keep substances that your body needs, such as protein. Also they filter wastes and excessive water from the blood and pass them into the urine. Once the glomeruli is damaged, its filtering system does not function properly. Consequently, protein which should not be passed through can now leak into the urine. Thus, protein in urine occurs.

How does Chinese medicine treat diseased glomeruli?

Repairing the impaired glomeruli is the key point to treat proteinuria in NS. Western medicines have no effective treatment to repair the injured renal function. Chinese medicines include oral taking Chinese medicine and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. They combine together to make your whole body balanced and harmonious. Due to bitter taste of oral taking Chinese medicine, the efficacy may be reduced. To avoid this advantage, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy-an external application will be applied. In this therapy, the fully-shattered Chinese medicine can be infiltrated into the damaged kidneys directly through skin with the help of osmosis device. It an repair the damaged kidneys, protect the remaining kidney function and block the further renal injury. Chinese medicine for closing the gaps of glomeruli is not only natural but also effective. Many people like this natural Chinese medicine.

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